Trafficking in Human Beings

Trafficking in Human Beings –

A joint European effort to end an

international crime


Topic Manager

Pierre Seraphin



Jing Hiah

PhD Candidate
Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam


Commission Representative

Jean François Minet

Independent National Rapporteur
Federal Public Service of Justice Belgium

Jean François Minet is the national coordinator and the chairman of the ICP (Intradepartmental Coordination Platform for the Fight against Trafficking and Smuggling in Human Beings) at the Federal Public Service of Justice Belgium. His tasks are to coordinate national policies and supervise their implementation. His work entails a close cooperation with the European Union. In that respect, Jean François Minet will reflect on the European policies regarding THB during his presentation at Student Forum Maastricht. (SOURCE)


Visiting Experts

Dr. Marie-Louise Janssen

Dr. M.P.C.
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference
University of Amsterdam

Marie-Louise Janssen has a background in cultural anthropology. After her master degree in Cultural Anthropology she engaged in field work in Nicaragua where she worked as a coordinator for women projects.  In the Netherlands she founded an NGO dedicated to assist trafficked victims, as well as preventing and combating THB. She received her PhD for her work: Sex Workers on the Move. Latin American Women in the European Sex Industry and has expertise in this topic.

Dr. Janssen lectures at the University of Amsterdam in the areas of gender and sexuality studies and social sciences. As part of her latest research she examined Chinese massage parlours in the Netherlands. The specific transformation of labour migration into human trafficking as examined in Chinese massage parlours will be the topic of Dr. Jannsen’s presentation at Student Forum Maastricht. (SOURCE)


Anne Sophie Dutrieux

PAG-ASA Brussels

Anne Sophie Dutrieux is working for the NGO PAG-ASA, in Brussels. The main objective of her and the organization alike is to provide humanitarian assistance to trafficked victims and to combat exploitation networks, respectively. In practice PAG-ASA shelters victims in their house while assisting. Their assistance is manifold and comprises residential assistance, ambulant assistance as well as judicial assistance. From her practical experience Mrs. Dutrieux has first-hand knowledge on sheltering and assisting victims of THB and will share her perspective at Student Forum Maastricht. (SOURCE)