The Panel Debate: Speakers

On Wednesday, the conference started of with a very interesting debate about the limitations of Common Foreign Security Policy in the EU. The panel debate was enriched by the contrasting views of our four speakers:


Dr. Roberta N. Haar
Associate Professor and Research Director,

University College Maastricht


Dr. Haar holds a PhD in International Relations from Penn State University. Recent publications are “Insurgency and American Foreign Policy,” in World Affairs, and “Trump: Apprentice-President, Failing Entertainer, or Disrupter-in-Chief?” in Atlatisch Perspectief. Dr. Haar also writes a column entitled Across the Atlantic for Elsevier Weekblad. Her field of expertise are International Relations, Foreign Policy, American Foreign Policy, Transatlantic Relations

Dr. Hylke Dijkstra
Director of the MA European Studies,

Maastricht University


Dr Hylke Dijkstra is the Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Security Policy. He holds a PhD in Political Science (cum laude) from Maastricht University and is a board member of the Maastricht University Brussels Campus. He is also work-package leader in the Horizon 2020-funded EU-CIVCAP project. His field of expertise is international organizations (EU, NATO, UN) and Security policy.


Dr. Ren Yan
Chief editor – People’s Daily European Center


Dr Ren Yan graduated from the Chinese Academy of Social Science.He has been working in Brussels for about four years, mainly covering the news event in Europe like economic crisis, refugee crisis and further issues in political perspective. His field of expertise: EU-China relationship, international trade

Cihan Erkli

moderated the debate. He is a teacher at University College Maastricht.