Student Forum Maastricht was founded as part of the European Studies Student Association Concordantia. Only recently it has become an independent association! SFM is based at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) of Maastricht University. The team of Student Forum 2017 consists mainly of 2nd and 3rd year European Studies students as well as some external students.

Maximilian Beck

Team Coordination

To me the European Union is one of the best and most important political projects of our time. We as Europeans all need to make an effort to preserve and reform it and that is where SFM comes in!

    Hanna Börgmann


    Europe matters for all of us and it is important to voice this and engage everyone in much-needed discussions!

      Lucas Petrelli

      Topic Coordination

      The EU matters because its guiding idea is the greatest and most ambitious project in the history of mankind, founded on the enlightened consciousness that together anything is possible.

        Emma Gollhardt

        Topic Manager

        We're stronger together and whether you're for or against it, the EU's politics affect all of us equally so we should be working towards improving it on our terms!

          Lijuan Klaßen

          Topic Manager

          The European Union (EU) stands for unity, peace and prosperity. Now perhaps more than ever the Member States have to combine their strengths to ensure that these values will be upheld.

            Joost Verbeek

            Topic Manager

            The EU has a big role in taking down barriers between nations. Many European countries are more integrated than ever and this leads to prosperity, freedom, peace and unity.

              Pierre Seraphin

              Topic Manager

              Europe matters because it is a pool of endless possibilities capable of bridging existing gaps!

                Paula Böcken

                External Relations

                The EU matters because it signifies peace and because there are many benefits to European integration, as the improvement of many Europeans' lives and the EU's powerful international presence.

                  Anton Kleihues

                  External Relations

                  28 countries pool their sovereignty in recognition of their citizens’ desire to live in peace and prosperity. This is democracy at its best and unique in the history of mankind.

                    Jasmijn van der Most

                    Human Resources

                    The EU matters because it is the embodiment of the fact that cooperation can prevail over conflict, that we are different and yet so alike, that we can be stronger together than apart.

                      David Imhof

                      Communication & PR

                      The European Union matters because it has brought us a long era of piece which our generation could to grow up in. It is our responsibility as young EU citizens to protect this treasure!

                        Saskia Kessler

                        Communication & PR

                        The European Union matters since it has made Europe a better, peaceful and more prosperous place. Nowadays it seems more important than ever to foster European unity!

                          Verena Gerhardus


                          The European Union matters because it can solve current problems of terrorism and racism on an international basis. Only if we work together with common goals and ambitions we can achieve something and create change.

                            Felix Thießen


                            The European Union matters right now more than ever before, and it is crucial for European states to stick together and believe in the ‘idea of Europe’.

                              Ricarda von Kleist


                              The European Union matters because it is a key element in bringing nation states together. Beliefs may be debated but that creates the possibility of forming a common understanding of European values and ideas!