#SFM2018: The Topic Managers

We are proud to present our four Topic Managers for next year’s conference #SFM2018. Together with their working groups, they will discuss four different Europe-related topics and in the end, draft an impacting policy proposal for the European Commission.

Stay tuned for further elaboration on the specific topics. For now, see what our topic managers are passionate about and why they decided to engage in EU politics:

Our topic manager for #SFM2018: Andrea, Elena, Anja and Phillip



“Hello, my name is Andrea, I come from Italy, and I am a third year European Studies student. I am Topic Manager for SFM2018, meaning that I will be responsible for the set up and organization of one of the working groups. Last April I attended SFM for the first time, and I became so enthusiastic about the conference, the project it puts forward, as well as the very diverse people it involves, that I decided to take a more active role within it. Stay tuned for more information about this year’s policy topics, and I am really looking forward to an engaging and constructive conference.”


“I’m Elena Vilarin, a European Law student at Maastricht University coming from Galicia (Spain), and I’m honoured to act as Topic Manager in SFM 2018. As a former participant and concerned European citizen, I believe SFM constitutes the perfect opportunity to represent and advocate for the views of the youth. It is time to actively tackle the growing ‘youth divide’ and present to the institutions our common vision on EU policies and the future of the Union.”


“My name is Anja and I am a second year University College Maastricht student from Serbia. During Student Forum Maastricht 2018 I will have the role of a topic manager for one of the working groups. In my studies I focus mostly on Biomedical Sciences and Public Health. While many don’t associate
health topics with the EU I will aim to present a topic showcasing the implications an EU membership can have on health systems of member states.
Participating at SFM 2017 inspired me to be a part of the organizing team for the following conference because I experienced the atmosphere fueled by ambitious and motivated fellow students. I am excited to be a part of the initiative of SFM which stands for youth participation and discussions on the issues the EU faces!”


“My name is Phillip and I am a third year European Studies student. Attending the SFM 2017 inspired me to become a topic manager. The well-structured organisation, the conscious choice of interesting experts and the active engagement of talented and international participants allowed the combination of personal interest and political impact. As an Austrian citizen with Polish family, and as a young European student who travelled from Lisbon to Tallinn and from Sofia to Edinburgh, I am worried, concerned and sad about the deepening cleavages between the East and the West in the EU. It is high time to break our mental barriers and to create one Europe!”