#SFM2018: The Finance Managers

We are sure you have heard of the saying “money makes the world go round”. Well, this is where our two Finance Managers, Felix Thießen (left) and Pierre Seraphin (right), come in. They provide the essential role of ensuring SFM’s financial future and it is with their hard work in securing funding that the conference is allowed to take place. Read what they have to say about their #SFM2018 expectations below.

“My name is Felix Thießen and I am studying European Studies in Maastricht. Since two years I have been engaged with SFM, first in 2016 as a participant and in 2017 as a member of the team responsible for funding. I am keen and eager to improve SFM 2018, make it an even better. I believe in the founding constituencies of the European Communities. As Jean Monnet depicted it, only the people can change and enrich things in the institutions and transmit them to future generation. Therefore, I am deeply convinced to constantly work to improve the Union to make it a better Union for every citizen, as it is not perfect for every citizen in the current state. It is our generation who have the power to change things.”

“My name is Pierre and I am a former European Studies Student. After having participated in SFM 2017 as a topic manager I am now responsible for the budget of this year`s conference. For me SFM provides a captivating platform for young students to engage in European politics. For that reason, I am more than happy to contribute again to an inspiring conference.”