#SFM2018: PR and Communication

Last but not least, meet our PR and Communications team, made up of Antonia (left) and Theresa (right). These two are responsible for maintaining SFM’s social media channels and for spreading the word about the great work SFM does and how to get involved. During the conference itself, they will be taking photos, videos, live streaming and much more, so that everyone can stay up to date with the conference and can then relive the wonderful moments afterwards!

Hi! My name is Antonia and I am a third year ES student. I am crazy extcited to get stuck into conference prep and to be broadcasting all the goings on during the conference too. I think SFM is one of Maastricht’s most impressive and professionally run student organisations and I feel very honoured to be working with them. As you can see from our previous introductions, they are a stellar bunch. I am counting down the days until the biggest event of the year! It will be great to be broadcasting and experiencing live some of Europe’s finest young minds coming together to draft EU policy. I think it would be fair to say that the EU needs some youthful vigour injected into it – hopefully that is what our fantastic participants will bring! Keep your eyes peeled!

My name is Theresa and I am a 3rd year European Studies student. I come from Germany and am currently doing my semester abroad in Bordeaux, France. As a European citizen, I am always impressed how much unites the European youth all over the continent. However, there are salient issues that need to be discussed and policy that must be improved in the EU. And that is exactly what SFM is about. It needs inputs from many different social and geographical backgrounds to have a stimulating debate about how we want to live in the EU. Therefore, I am proud to promote #SFM2018 and doing PR and Communications together with Antonia. We will spread the project as widely as possible so many people will contribute and of course cover the conference in April for you. Stay tuned!