#SFM2018: Conference Manager

Meet William, who will organise everything that is needed for the well-being of the participants and a smooth course of the conference. See why he is passionate to work for SFM2018:


“My name is William, I am 20 and I am currently a Master’s student in European Public Affairs at Maastricht University. This year, as the Organization Manager, I will ensure that each and everyone of you enjoys the conference as much as I did last year. I am beyond excited to be part of the SFM team this year. I am convinced that SFM bears the potential to empower our generation and bring it closer than ever to the EU by engaging in the societal issues that matter most.
As a descendant of Italian and Hungarian immigration, I believe the EU should be regarded as the engine that can bring our differences, cultures and identities closer to one another. While our grandparents’ generation would only have dreamed of a united Europe, we today have the power to make that dream a tangible one. If like us at SFM, you wish to shape our continent and make it a better one, join #SFM2018 and discover your impact!”