#SFM2018: External Relations

Next up…. please welcome our External Relations team, Jan and Lijuan! They are the ones responsible for contacting our partner organisations and organising the opening ceremony and evening programme of the conference.

Hello everyone, I am Lijuan Klassen and as this years External Relations officers Jan and I will strain ourselves to organize an interesting and worthwhile panel discussion for 2018 conference. Furthermore, we will make sure that you have the opportunity to meet with our previous and potentially new partners, to connect and exchange. Already last year I had the honor to be part of the SFM team 2017 as a content manager and I am excited to join again this year, although in a different position. To give you a little impression of my person, I am currently in my last semester at UCM, writing my thesis on “The prospects of reproductive technologies for the liberation of women”. Although, this means that I have a lot on my mind I did not want to miss the chance to be part of SFM again, due to the great experience I had last year. Last but not least, I understand myself as a European citizen and I am deeply convinced that the freedoms and possibilities we enjoy, especially as young students, are a privilege we need to make ourselves aware of everyday. Of course, there are issues to tackle but that is why we need conferences, which bring motivated thinkers together to come up with ideas on how to enhance this common project, across borders, nationalities and identities. Join SFM 2018 and let’s start discussing! I am excited to meet you soon!

Ever since Game of Thrones everyone knows how crucial the right allies and partners are. This is one of my main tasks as External Relations & Events Manager. I am Jan Kleinheinrich and I want to contribute making SFM 2018 an unforgettable experience. Promised: Unlike Game of Thrones, no one will get hurt, but be prepared for heated debates and strategic thinking!