#SFM2018: Meet the Team!

We are excited to announce the date for #SFM2018! The next conference on EU policy issues organised by students from Maastricht University will take place from 18 – 22 April 2018 in Brussels.

By now, our team is set and we are all working hard to organise another unforgettable conference. In the following days we would like to introduce you to each of our team members. Let’s start with this year’s COORDINATORS:

Our Coordinators for #SFM2018: Joost and Emma

Our Coordinators for #SFM2018: Joost and Emma

Joost Verbeek (Head of Content)

My name is Joost Verbeek and I am a second-year Research Master student in health sciences. I am currently doing an internship at the Health Service Research department of Maastricht University and I am the team coordinator for the content of Student Forum Maastricht 2018. Last year I was a topic manager of the conference and it was wonderful to meet so many passionate and interesting people and to develop policy proposals that have the chance to better the European Union. It was therefore not difficult to stay in the team of Student Forum Maastricht and I am already looking forward to the conference of this year!

Emma Gollhardt (Head of Organization)

My name is Emma and I am currently in my third year for the BA of European Studies. Together with Joost, I am one of the coordinators of this year’s Student Forum Maastricht! I believe that the European Union really is a project which requires continuous work and transformation in order to work for everyone. It is crucial that young people are part of this process and this is why I look forward to being part of another edition of SFM, where theory is put into practice.


Watch this space as well as Facebook and Instagram for further team announcements within the coming days!