SFM 2015

The Conference

SFM 2015 took place at the Maastricht University Campus in Brussels from 15th to 19th April. In total, 50 students from all over Europe participated and contributed to a successful event. Five different working groups, each with 10 participants, were offered dealing with the following topics: EU Energy Union, EU Asylum Policy, Independence of Regions, EU Minimum Wage Policy, and Data Protection & Digital Market. While representatives from the European Commission provided the groups with a problem statement which constituted the starting point for the proposals, several experts working in the relevant field gave their input and shared insights with the participants. Each working group was guided by an academic tutor who accompanied the students in the process of drafting the policy papers. In addition, a lecture given by A. Guggenbühl (EIPA) on how to write policy proposals most effectively complemented the work in the groups.

As a novel feature of SFM, the 2015 conference was opened by a panel debate between different MEPs and a representative from a European think tank. The debate was organised together with SFM’s partner Debating Europe and covered topical issues such as migration and economic challenges the EU faces.


Achievements of SFM 2015

SFM has brought together 50 students from Europe and beyond with policy-makers of today. In this way, the participants were offered an innovative and enriching learning experience outside their regular studies at university. Additionally, SFM offered an interesting access to the EU and made the students profit from the experience and insights of the visiting experts and speakers. Overall, SFM has succeeded in establishing a sustainable partner network including other student associations and established media organisations such as Debating Europe. The relevance of the project is recognisable since the policy recommendations are being presented and discussed on various social media platforms. In order to receive feedback from the official institutional perspective, follow-up meetings with the Commission representatives are being organised. In that way, the students can present their work and exchange once more with the EU officials.


More information about our 2015 conference

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Flyer SFM 2015

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