Policy Proposals

In this section we present to you the results of SFM 2015!

Have a look at the final policy proposals written by the participants for each working group. If you prefer the shorter version, check out the videos of participants presenting their proposals. We thank Debating Europe for visiting SFM 2015 to film the policy proposals!


Asylum Policy

Executive Summary – EU Asylum Policy (pdf)

Policy Proposal – EU Asylum Policy (SFM 2015) (pdf)




Minimum Wage Policy:

Policy Proposal – EU Minimum Wage Policy (SFM 2015) (pdf)



Energy Union:

Policy Proposal – Energy Union (SFM 2015) (pdf)



Independence of Regions in the EU:

Policy Proposal – Independence of Regions in the EU (SFM2015) (pdf)



Data Protection and Digital Market:

Policy Proposal – Data Protection and Digital Single Market (SFM 2015) (pdf)