Join our team!

Student Forum Maastricht is looking for new members to join the organizing team! – Deadline 10 May 2017

Student Forum Maastricht is an annual conference on salient EU policy issues organized by students from Maastricht University. The conference, which takes place in Brussels, attracts students from all over Europe, who together write a policy proposal for the European Commission, under the guidance of experts.

As some of the 2017 team member are staying for next years’ edition we are looking for 10 new members to contribute to the organization of the SFM 2018 conference! As you are fully responsible for your position, you have a free hand in filling in your role creatively. The following positions are open for application:

Topic Manager// Organization// Treasurer //Communication & PR //Human Resources // External Relations & Evening Events


Who are we looking for?

  • You are a UM student
  • You are in Maastricht at least from February to May 2018. It is no problem if you are abroad during the first half of the academic year.
  • It is an asset (but not a necessity) if you have previously participated in the SFM conference or have participated in or organized similar events
  • You are a reliable team player
  • Interest in European politics

For further information about the positions you are welcome to read the descriptions below. If this sounds interesting to you, send your CV and a 1/2 page motivation letter until May 10th 2017 to and become a part of our team!

We are looking forward to your application! Let’s make the 2018 edition of SFM a huge success!



Topic Manager (4 Open Positions)

As a topic manager you are the organizer of one of the working groups, the core and content of the conference. You choose the topic of the group on the basis of the Commission ́s agenda and the news. You search for a tutor, get into contact with the respective Commission representative and invite interesting experts. Furthermore, it is your task to create a reader for your group together with your tutor. During the conference you are the mentor of your working group that means you are a support for the tutor and introduce the invited experts and Commission representatives.

What skills are we looking for?

  • Interest in and knowledge of European topics
  • Assertiveness when looking for, and contacting, people to contribute toyour working group
  • Time management skills


Organization (1 Open Position)

As organization manager you are in charge of booking the hostel/hotel for the participants, tutors and speakers. You also book the catering and any additional materials needed for the conference and you are in close contact with the UM Campus in Brussels, where the event is held.

What skills are we looking for

  • good (time) management skills
  • good communication skills


Treasurer (1 Open Position)

As a treasurer it is your task to make the budget for the whole conference. This is a very responsible position and needs a lot of skills. It entails checking on each team members in terms of expenses. You also work closely together with the person in charge of funding and assist him or her with applications for sources of funding and finding new sources of funding.

What skills are we looking for?

  • Experience in setting up a budget
  • Calculating skills
  • Interest in finance
  • Communication skills


Communication & PR (2 Open Positions)

In Communication and PR you work in a team of two. The position entails very different fields and tasks. You are responsible for the whole social media strategy, the website, any kind of conference material and press relations. For this purpose you are in close contact with the topic managers and the external relations team, as they provide the content you communicate. All advertisement strategies are developed by the team. You have a free hand with the whole external image of SFM. Throughout the year, you are responsible of keeping SFM visible on social media and of updating the website with relevant content. During the conference it is your task to take pictures, make videos, work with the material and make sure SFM is visible as much as possible online.

What skills are we looking for?

  • Creativity & good writing skills
  • IT skills: knowledgeable about video and photo software
  • it is also a strong asset, but not a requirement, if you have basic knowledge of website management or design
  • PR skills: creative advertisement ideas


Human Resources (1 Open Position)

As a Human Resources manager you are mainly responsible for the recruitment, the selection of and the communication with the participants of the conference. It is your task to set up a successful recruitment campaign that reaches students all over Europe. For this purpose, you work closely together with the Communication & PR team. You also manage the applications and assist in selecting suitable participants and answer any questions that reach you via e-mail. At the end of the academic year, you are also jointly responsible for recruiting the new team. Finally, to increase the team feeling, you are also free to organize team activities.

What skills are we looking for?

  • Good time management skills
  • Timely response to e-mail
  • Creative ideas to reach more potential participants
  • Dedication to creating a diverse conference


External Relations & Evening Events

(1 Open Position)

As an external relations manager you work in a team of two (one previous team member stays in this team). The position entails three different tasks. The first is the contact to our partner organizations. This means you will look for ways to cooperate with organisations such as Debating Europe or the 1989 Generation Initiative. The second task is the organisation of the opening ceremony and the evening programme on the last conference night. Here you can be creative and think of any kind of stimulating format, a topic, and invite interesting speakers. Finally, you also assist the Communication & PR team in spreading the knowledge about SFM by contacting news platforms and communicating with partner organizations in PR related issues.

What skills are we looking for?

  • Creative and innovative ideas
  • Communication skills
  • Dedication to organising the frame of the conference
  • Ability to represent Student Forum Maastricht
  • Good time management skills