Join our team for SFM 2019!

Student Forum Maastricht is looking for new members to join our team! – DEADLINE 14 MAY!

Our team consists of 15 members. As some of the 2018 team luckily stay as members, we have the following open positions available. For each of the positions you should be a team player and be able to work fully independently under your own steam. As you are fully responsible for you position, you have a free hand in forming your role creatively. A great interest in European politics and a dedication to the conference as a channel of citizen participation in the European Union are the preconditions for an application.

Who are we looking for?

You must be a student in Maastricht.

Since many students are going abroad in their fifth semester, it is not a necessary precondition to be in Maastricht in the first half of the academic year. However, if you want to become part of the team, you should be present in Maastricht from January/February onwards and of course during the conference, which normally takes place in April.

The following positions are open for application:


Topic Manager | Conference Manager | Human Resources | Funding | Treasurer | Public Relations | CommunicationS | External Relations 


For further information about the positions you are welcome to read the descriptions below. If any of these sound interesting to you, send your CV and a 1/2 page motivation letter before May 14th to and become a part of our team!

We are looking forward to your application!

Let´s make the 2019 edition of the conference another huge success!

Position descriptions


1) Topic manager:

What is your task?

As a topic manager you are the organizer of one of the working groups, the core and content of the conference. You choose the topic of the group on the basis of the Commission´s agenda and the news. You search for a tutor, get into contact with the respective Commission representative and invite interesting experts. Furthermore, it is your task to create a reader for your group together with your tutor. During the conference you are the mentor of your working group that means you are a support for the tutor and introduce the invited experts and Commission representatives.

What skills are we looking for?

-interest in and knowledge of European topics

-passion for finding interesting people

-ability to chair a group



What is your task?

As a conference manager it is absolutely vital that you are a dedicated and organised individual. It will be your responsiblity to ensure that all hostel rooms are booked for the participants, to organise the catering and to . As the conference is held in Brussels, it would also be an asset to have a French speaker, although this is not essential.

What skills are we looking for?

-a cool, calm and collected person who is systematic and organised

-someone who is dedicated



What is your task?

As HR Manager, you will administer the application period, promote it Europe-wide and select participants. You will be responsible for keeping in touch with them and answer all questions they might have. Managing information neatly and keeping them in order is vital in your position. Ideally, you whould like to work with different people and have good communication skills. The position requires you to be able to work independently as well as cooperate with others. You are the key link between applicants and SFM in the run up to the conference. By the start of the conference it is likely that you will know every of the 40 participants in quite a bit of detail!

What skills are we looking for?

-a methodical person

-an organised individual with an ability to keep a good overview of foten complex information

-a people person!


4) Funding MANAGER:

What is your task?

As a funding manager you work in a team of two. Funding is one of the most important positions in the team! You are responsible for the budget. This entails finding any kinf od possibilities for SFM to get more funding. Be it through partnerships, foundations, applications, extra events or in-kind donations. It is crucial that you are creative and fully dedicated to search the World Wide Web for any kind of funding possibilities. Furthermore, you are working closely together with the treasurer as the funding team supports the treasurer in any kind of way.

What skills are we looking for?

-time managing skills (as you need to be on point with funding applications)

-no shyness with approaching firms, foundations, people…

-writing skills (as all emails and applications need to be very well written)

-enjoying working with numbers


5) Treasurer:

What is your task?

As a treasurer it is your task to make the budget for the whole conference. This is a very responsible position and needs a whole lot of skills. It entails checking on each other team member in terms of expenses and working together with the funding team.

What skills are we looking for?

-experience in setting up a budget

-Neat calculating skills

-love for finance

-communication skills

-time management skills



What is your task?

As a communication and PR manager you work in a team of two. The position entails manifold fields and tasks. You are responsible for the whole social media strategy, the website and any kind of photo and video material. All recruitment and advertisement strategies are developed by the team. You have a free hand with the whole external image of SFM.

During the conference it is your task to take pictures, make videos, edit them and publish them online.

What skills are we looking for?


-IT skills: knowledge about handling a camera (filming and editing videos, taking pictures), handling wordpress, being familiar with different social media platforms

-PR skills: creative advertisement ideas, a strong demand of social media channels



What is your task?

As communications manager, you work closely alongside the External Relations & Events Manager and the PR & Communications Team acting as the bridge between these two roles. Your main tasks are to increase SFM’s Brussels based network and to make SFM as visible as possible in Brussels. You will invite news and media outlets to come and report on the conference as well as partners, alumni and any other organisations affiliated with the SFM network to an open forum event on the last evening of the conference. There is a lot of competition out there in terms of similar student run organisations, so you must be a person who is creative and loves to network.

What are we looking for?

-An outgoing person who is passionate about SFM

-Someone who loves to promote a good cause

-An innovative and creative individual who thinks outside the box


8) External relations & EVENT MANAGER:

What is your task?

As an external relations manager you work in a team of two or three. The position entails two different fields. The first one the contact to our partner organizations, meaning finding possible ways to cooperate with organisations such as debating Europe or the 1989 generations initiative. The second part is the organisation of two major events:

1) The opening ceremony & Panel debate

Here you can be creative and think of any kind of stimulating format which could open the conference in an inspiring way. Therefore, you would need to think of a format, a topic and invite interesting speakers.

2) The partners’ evening.

This evening is supposed to give a platform for partners, alumni, and every kind of organisation that could be beneficial for our participants in terms of networking, and experiencing similar projects such as SFM.

What skills are we looking for?

-creative and innovative ideas

-communication skills

-dedication to organising the frame of the conference

-ability to represent Student Forum Maastricht

If any of these sound interesting to you, send your CV and a 1/2 page motivation letter before May 14th to and become a part of our team!