We at Student Forum Maastricht are happy and proud to see that the European Union has been responsive to ideas from its citizens!
In 2014, Herr und Speer came up with the idea of a free Interrail voucher for every EU citizen on their 18th birthday, as a mean to bring the EU closer to young Europeans. After several publications and positive feedback by EU politicians, they sent an official proposal to the European Commission in October 2015. This September, the EU published the initiative as becoming reality!
In the meantime, Student Forum Maastricht took place at the at UM Campus in Brussel in April 2016. The working group “EU – Union of and for Citizens” put together a proposal for a birthday card sent to every citizen turing 18, which would contain information on the next European Elections as well as a travel voucher! The proposal was sent to the European Commission after the conference.
We are glad to see that the European Commission is, like us, concerned about the link between the EU and its citizens.
It moreover proves a point. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! By becoming engaged, we can bring changes and improve the European project.
Read more about #FreeInterrail after its publication!
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