For student associations

We are the future of Europe, so let’s build it together! Student Forum Maastricht wants to encourage the exchange between Students from different countries and different backgrounds. We want to give answers which reflect diverse and controversial ideas on future challenges for our Union and its partner across the borders.

In this way, Student Forum Maastricht needs you to spread the word in your network and among your organisation’s members! We believe that our conference does not only offer fresh angles to pressing issues but it also gives the participants a unique opportunity to get in touch with other young likeminded Europeans. SFM is a great possibility for all committed students to prove their skills and gain experiences for future challenges.

You can support us by sharing our website, sending e-mails to your network, spreading flyers around your home base or simply by applying for SFM. We would love to welcome you and your members in Brussels!

We are sure there are also things SFM could do to support your project or organisation! Our city Maastricht hosts one of the most international universities in Europe with students who are very committed in all kinds of projects. In addition, we can introduce you our network of speakers and high-profile academics in the field of European politics. We are looking forward to learn about your ideas and what SFM can do for you. By the way, our meeting in Brussels might be a good event to spread information about your project!
In case you need further information, want to become a partner or just want to have a chat, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-Mail or Facebook!