For institutions

Get inspired by Student Forum Maastricht and join our conference as an expert. The basic idea behind our conference is to give students the possibility to experience the EU and make their voice heard in relevant issues.
In order to deliver interesting and inspring results, our participants need support from EU officials, think-tankers and acdemics. As an expert you have the possibility to work together with highly-motivated students who have a strong background in European politics, economics or law. Experts who participated in ealier conferences gave feedback that their paricipation was a new experience and inspiration for their professional life. With your expertise you can set the focus for the students and set the guideline for the discussions.
There are different positions which we would like to propose to you:

1. Working group tutor

You have an academic background or do research in a field of our conference? You are interested in working with motivated students on innovative solutions? Then become a tutor at SFM! Your job is to introduce the topic to the participants and to chair the working group meetings. You mainly structure the discussion and guide the particpants to the development of their solution proposals.

2. Institutional contact person

You work on one of our topics in the institutions and you are looking for some fresh angles on your working problems from the perspective of young people? We invite you to become the institutional contact person of one working group. You introduce the perspective of the European Union on the debated issues and present the essential problems of the topic. In the end of the conference, you will receive a solution proposal of your working group. This might contain some interesting points of view for your work!

3. Visiting Expert

You work on one of our topics in the private sector or in a think-tank? Our working groups would love to listen to your ideas and what you are working on! We invite you to join a working group during a Q&A session where you can present your point of view on certain aspects to our participants. In this way, you can enrich the discussions with new perspectives and provide more food for thought for our participants. In turn, you gain direct feedback and propably some inspiration for your work!

Working together with our participants is an interesting and diverse task. We invite you to give our conference its expertise and shape. If you feel you are interested or wish to contribute, please contact us!
Certainly, we provide accomendation and reimburse travel costs for all experts!