Head of Organization

The position of Head of Organisation makes you the co-head of SFM2020 and comes with organisational, administrative and financial responsibilities. You will have great decision-making power at your disposal and coordinate the work of the team, most notably of the Treasurer, Funding, Human Resources and Public Relations. This entails to ensure that the different parts nicely fit together to make a great conference, which you will represent vis-a-vis important partners, institutions and sponsors. We are looking for someone with excellent communication and time management skills, pronounced sense of responsibility, ability to preside over a team and the eagerness to make SFM2020 another success.

Head of Content

You will be co-head of SFM2020 which it is a responsible position and gives you great decision-making power. In your position you will get the chance to shape the content of the conference from the beginning to the end by supervising and coordinating the work of the Topic Managers and External Relations. You should be able to communicate well, delegate tasks, supervise different elements that have to fit together and create an interesting content for SFM. We are looking for an organised and innovative individual with a sense of vision and able to represent SFM vis-a-vis experts and partners.

Topic Manager

As a Topic Manager you are the organiser of one of the working groups, the core and content of the conference. You choose and define the topic of the group on the basis of the Commission’s agenda and the news. You are in charge of searching for a tutor, inviting a representative of the European Commissions and interesting experts. Moreover, it is your task to create a reader for your group together with your tutor. During the conference you are the mentor of your group which means you are a support for the tutor and introduce the invited experts and Commission representative. Here, we are looking for people with an interest in and knowledge of EU politics, and the ability to chair a group session.

Conference Manager

As Conference Manager you are in charge of the organisational side of SFM. It is absolutely vital that you are a dedicated and structured person. It will be your responsibility to ensure that all hotel rooms are booked, the catering organised and the venue prepared. As the conference is held in Brussels, it would be an asset to have French skills, although this is not essential.


It is your task to keep track of the entire budget of the conference and consolidate it. This is a very responsible position and requires an organised person. The position entails to check team members’ expenses, decide where money flows to, prioritise and pay the bills. We are looking for a person with good calculating skills, love for numbers and communication skills.


As Funding Manager you will be in close contact with the Treasurer and responsible for the general budget of SFM. Your task is to find any kind of funding possibilities to increase the budget of the conference by, for example, establishing partnership or sponsorships. You will also draft and submit more formal funding applications and requests. It is crucial that you are creative and eager to search the world wide web. Time management skills are essential to not miss any deadlines as well as good communication skills that allow you to get in touch with firms, foundations and partners.

Public Relations & Communications

Your tasks are diverse and creative as you increase the visibility of SFM online as well as offline across Europe. You will reach out to partners, like-minded organisations and news outlets to have SFM featured in as many ways as possible. The position entails to design posters, flyers and posts on social media and essentially gives you the freedom to shape the image of SFM. On a more practical note, you will advertise the conference on our social media channels and our website. During the conference it is your task to take pictures, make videos, edit them and publish them online.

Human Resources

The position of Human Resources Manager brings you in close contact with participants from an early stage onwards. You will set up and administer the application period, promote it Europe-wide and select participants together with the Topic Managers. It is your responsibility to keep in touch with participants and answer all questions they might have. Managing information neatly and in a structured way is vital in this position. You will have to work independently as well as cooperate with different positions at different stages of the process.

External Relations Manager

As External Relations Manager you work in a team of two and make sure that SFM is connected with partners. Keeping contact with partner organisation around the year will be part of your position. Furthermore, you are in charge of organising the programme of the opening evening as well as one more evening event. You can get creative here and develop a format, style and content to your liking. This also includes inviting interesting speakers, designing a debate, creating slides or handouts. We are looking for creative and social people with good communication skills and the commitment to shape the experience of our participants.