Day 4: Closing ceremony and presentation of policy proposals

The final day of SFM 2019 has arrived. The last day started off with the presentation of the policy proposals. The Dean of FASoS, Sophie Vanhonnacker, has very kindly visited the conference to listen to the presentations and ideas of the students. She also handed out certificates to the participants to recognize and appreciate their hard work in the last days. Here is what the groups have came up with in the last three days. The first group, EU enlargement,  have discussed the issues of minorities, such as LGBT+ and Roma and Sinits, in the candidate countries of Serbia and Turkey and how to tackle these issues. This is important as the values of the EU, such as LGBT+, Roma and Sinti rights, should exist in the country in order to help integrate these countries into the EU. To prevent these minorities from being discriminated the students proposed a better education about rights and respect towards each other. The second group worked on the issue of food waste in the Union. They stated that they want to reduce 50% of food waste at all levels of production to consumption by 2030. A barcode to help the citizens better understand the “best before” date shall be introduced, as a survey stated many citizens in Europe did not know what this “best before” actually means. The third group worked on the topic of Our EU: Mobilization of citizens engagement. Hence, they aimed that the EU should become more transparent and offered solutions on how to do so. The final group euGovernance proposed to bring digital public service closer to the people and enhance the digital skills to make the participation of the EU citizens easier for important decisions. The policy proposals will be uploaded very soon. We hope everyone has enjoyed the conference and would like to thank our participants for making this year’s conference unforgettable. We cannot wait for SFM 2020!! See you there!