Female Digital Skills

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Boosting Digital Skills in the EU
Increasing Female Inclusion in the Digital Sector


Recent studies developed by the Commission demonstrate that bringing more women into the EU digital sector would lead to a 16 billion annual GDP boost. In addition, the European Commission has already recognized, amongst other priorities, the necessity to: 1) build a renewed image of the sector among women and society, 2) empower women in the sector, 3) increase the number of women entrepreneurs in ICTs and 4) improving working conditions of the sector.

Despite the recognition of these priorities, there is still a lack of comprehensive measures to achieve the aforementioned goals. As such, we suggest a three-fold proposal: firstly, a recommendation to increase effective communication in the sector based on already existing successful practices; secondly, a specific recommendation for the reintegration of ‘women in transition’ that includes a broader access and retraining of this specific vulnerable group; and thirdly, a request to increase funding for organisations that focus on the education and training of women in digital skills and foster their entrepreneurial efforts.

With regard to the lack of access and participation of women in the digital sector, what can be done by the European Commission in order to improve the digital skills of female population?

Our specific objectives that we propose in this policy brief are:

  • Enhance the perceived value of digital skills and the ICT sector for women
  • Facilitate access for women to acquire and improve their digital skills
  • Foster the employability of women in the digital sector
  • Encourage female entrepreneurship in the digital sector


Click here to download the Female Digital Skills Policy Brief